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false vs. facts

False: Press coverage of Andris Pukke was written and published by unbiased, neutral third party journalists and reporters.

Fact: Those that have written about Andris Pukke in newspapers, websites and blogs are not neutral, third party reporters. Each “journalist” actually had an underlying personal agenda.

The top three unknown background stories of these journalists are as follows:

1) Carolyn Mayer- Former Contributor to The Washington Post

While the Washington Post is clearly a well- established, authoritative source, Carolyn Mayer is anything but an unbiased reporter. When she wrote her first scathing article about Ameridebt, Andi decided to personally call her and find out why. He extended an invitation to her and offered to have her come to his office so he could personally show her all of the good his companies were doing to help consumers.


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